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An ion is a particle (an atom or molecule etc.) in which the total number of electrons and protons are not the same, giving a net charge unequal to zero. If there are more electrons than protons, the particle will exhibit a negative charge, and if there are less, a positive. An anion is a negatively charged ion, while a cation is positively charged.

Types of IonsEdit

An ion is classified into one or multiple groupings depending upon its charge, size and components.

Monatomic IonsEdit

A monatomic (or simple) ion is composed of only one atom. Simple ions are most commonly formed when a monatomic element gains or loses one or several electrons. Common monatomic ions are fomed as per

Cl + e-→Cl-

Na→Na+ + e-

Polyatomic IonsEdit

A polyatomic ion is composed of two or several atoms.

Ionic BondsEdit

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