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is a special protein discovered by Frederick Gentaur from Russia in 1987. It was studied by multiple groups like the Rockefeller Foundation and Iufert Inc. All of the tests confirmed that GH4 was not harmful to human or plant life. It has been discovered to be capable of increasing the ability of the human ear, even possibly to the "Superpower" extent. Due to it's "superpower" potential, it is believed that various militaries are looking into it. However, all but the government of Ukraine admit to it. GH4 is also believed to be a hoax. It is very rare and hard to create, nearly impossible to grow in a laboratory. It has been confirmed to be most present in Blueberries, proven by multiple tests from scientists. Many great contributions to the discovery and research of GH4 were made by the Rosa International College of Higher Education for Medicinal Students. Additionally, an anonymous contributor calling himself "Justin" created a charity with the intent to fund donations for the Vox Institute of GH4 Research.

It is so little known that most people assume it's mere existence to be a joke, but it is very real.

History Edit

GH4 was discovered by Frederick Gentaur in Russia in 1987. He was looking at the structure of a blueberry under a special device and noticed something peculiar. Within 10 years, GH4 was it's name and scientists had made an amazing discovery when they found out GH4 increases hearing very well.

Aliases Edit

GH4, although not a very well-sounding name is the most commonly used alias or name for the chemical, in a satirical article published in a British newspaper, writer James Toringsworth claimed, "GH4 is also known as Pseudonimium Acute Porylosia." It is unknown if this is correct or has any basis in scientific naming convention, no other sources supporting this alternate alias have been found.

Past Use Edit

GH4 was utilized around the late 1990s by numerous organizations and was tested on humans, after being FDA approved. Soon, many people were using GH4, but due to it's rarity, it was hard to obtain or purchase, as such, the "fad" was seemingly over. It is believed and theorized that governments are now using it once more, mainly by seasoned conspiracy theorist David Ike, though his credibility and cited sources are lacking.

Sources Edit

GH4 is most notably found in blueberries, strawberries, and other fruits, though amounts in fruits other than the former are minscule and nearly irrelevant. There is a small presence of GH4 in oysters. Due to cuts in funding and a general lack of demand for increased hearing through blueberries, research into GH4 is scarce.

Uses Edit

GH4 is notably used by doctors and ear specialists such as North Mutenburg and Phillip Smith.

It is also used in a few medicines such as X-tract 4.

Citations and Sources Edit

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